Transforming Your Life: The Process of Conversion
¬ Introduction
¬ Who Are God's 'Called, Chosen and Faithful' People?
¬ What Must I Do?
¬ Praying for a Right Spirit and New Attitude
¬ Why We Must Change Our Way of Thinking
¬ What Is Sin?
¬ What's Wrong With Our Human Nature?
¬ What's So Bad About Sin?
¬ Must We Obey God's Commandments?
¬ Why Be Baptized?
¬ How Baptism's Meaning and Method Are Related
¬ We Must Count the Cost
¬ The Holy Spirit: God's Transforming Power
¬ Why Can't Theologians Explain the Trinity Doctrine?
¬ Is the Holy Spirit a Person?
¬ A High Priest Eager to Help Us
¬ Growing to Spiritual Maturity
¬ Why Bible Study Is Necessary for Spiritual Growth
¬ How to Stir Up God's Spirit
¬ The Prayer God Will Hear

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Transforming Your Life - The Process of Conversion

Transforming Your Life - The Process of Conversion

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